Vintage fashion continues to rise its popularity because of its timeless beauty. Vintage is a type of clothing that dates from 1920 to 1998. Even though it’s old clothing, it never goes out of style. With the latest trends in the world of fashion today, it can be tempting to follow what’s new. Meanwhile, if you want unique fashion, you can go for vintage. Many stores offer quality vintage in different price ranges. In this post, we will provide you helpful tips on how to shop for vintage fashion.


Look for details

In shopping for vintage clothing, pay attention to details. You can see the tag of the item. Usually, the signs of vintage are faded text or old-school fonts. It can also be a vintage if it has a “Made in the USA” sign. Another vintage sign includes side snaps, metal zippers, intricate stitching, and hook closures.


Choose Classics

If you’re into vintage shopping, we suggest you choose classics. You can pick classic items that you can combine with anything in your closet. For example, you can buy a 90s leather bag, pair of Levi’s, breezy boho 60s dress, and 50s cardigan. You can use a vintage brass bangle and costume earrings to match your outfit. Don’t forget your vintage jacket or coat. With classics that have beautiful buttons and old-school fabrics, you can have a cute and gorgeous outfit.


Set A Time for Your Shopping

Shopping for vintage fashion can be overwhelming and challenging, especially if you shop in a big thrift store. With this, make sure to set a lot of time for your shopping to find quality and attractive vintage items. Search thoroughly, so you can save more of your time while shopping.


Try on Those Items You Like

Keep in mind that the size in brands can differ in vintage clothing. So, the best thing to do is try the vintage items you like to get the perfect fit. Sometimes, the tag size of vintage items is useless. You may also ask the seller of the item about the measurement of the item.


Check for Flaws

It is also essential to check for any flaws in the items. Note that vintage clothing may have some flaws, such as stuck zippers, missing buttons, rips, and stains. Check the item thoroughly before purchasing it. If you’re willing to fix at home the flaws of your chosen vintage item, you can present it to the store employee to get a discount. However, if you think you can’t fix the flaws of the vintage, leave it.

Now that you discovered some tips on shopping for vintage fashion let us know where you can shop vintage clothing.


Where to Buy Vintage Clothing?

Fortunately, there are a lot of stores where you can buy beautiful and quality vintage fashion.


Thrift Stores

Thrift stores offer secondhand clothing. You can get discounts as you purchase your vintage clothing. However, you may need the patience to dig through lots of items to get the right style and size for you.


Vintage Boutiques

You may also shop vintage clothing in vintage boutiques. They have a wide selection of vintage clothes that can match your standards and personality. Boutiques are usually small, so you can search thoroughly and interact with the employees in the boutique.


Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are areas where people can resell different items. These stores usually have designer and high-end accessories and items like shoes, handbags, and costume jewelry.


Flea Markets

You can also find vintage clothing in flea markets near you. They are outdoor markets, so you can find many choices of vintage clothing. You can find sellers that offer affordable but quality vintage fashion.


Online Stores

With today’s modern generation, online selling continues to rise in the market. Well, you can also find gorgeous vintage clothing from online stores. You can even save a lot by using coupons from or similar websites. Online shopping is great, however, you can’t try it on, so make sure to choose the right size that suits your needs.



Vintage clothing can offer you a unique and elegant vibe that will make you stand out in the crowd. By applying the tips, we provide above, you can shop for the best vintage clothing that can revamp your wardrobe.